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3. Flying In 4 Creator, Alex Morako (40 Minutes)
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From the Desk of Virgil Aponte “The Stair Exercises Guru”

Dear Fellow Coaches, Trainers and Athletes

If you are looking for result producing programs to add inches to your vertical jump then you’ve come to the right place.  Let’s be real now, a killer vertical jump is not only impressive on the basketball court, it’s vital for becoming the best athlete you can be. So what ever sport you play you need one to truly maximize your potential.

And I can’t begin to tell you what an honor it is to be part of such a world class group of Vertical Jump Enhancement Experts.

My motivation to create such a comprehensive vertical jump enhancement program came from the many questions I get from people like you all over the world.

And one thing I’ve learned for sure over the years is that there are many different approaches one can take in maximizing your vertical jump.

Because of the diverse ways one can maximize an athlete’s vertical jump I decided to contact the best of the best and have them contribute to Jump Experts so that we can put together:

The Most Comprehensive Vertical Jump Enhancement Resource Ever Created-- Period!

Here is an abbreviated version of the email I sent to my contact list which includes the world’s elite and most sought-after strength & conditioning coaches, human performance experts, speed experts, and vertical jump experts!

I’m putting together a vertical jump compilation program and would love for you to lend your expertise to the program:

Basically what I’m looking for is an 8 week program to maximize an athlete’s vertical jump for basketball. Obviously there are many programs out there but they don’t take into consideration diversity and budget.

Getting information from the worlds top training experts will allow me to offer a program with many different training ideas and perspectives. That is what will make this program so special. It won’t be just one program but a collection of programs from the best of the best.

So with that in mind I hope you jump on board and together we will create the most comprehensive vertical jump resource ever created!! 

After I sent this email here are the All-Star Vertical Jump Experts that Joined Forces to create Jump Experts!

First Take a Look at the Real World in the Trenches Experience these
Experts Bring to The Table:

  1. Former WNBA Strength & Conditioning Coach to the New York Liberty Women’s Basketball Team
  2. Former NBA Strength Coach to the Los Angeles Clippers
  3. NFL Strength & Conditioning Consultant to the San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers & US Marines
  4. Strength & Conditioning Consultant to the US Olympic Women’s National Soccer Team & St. John’s Men’s College Basketball Team
  5. Trainers & Consultants of countless WNBA, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, NCAA Division 1 & Nationally Ranked High School Teams & Athletes
  6. Owners & Directors of Prominent World Renowned Performance Enhancement Centers, Doctors and Physical Therapists
  7. Actual Inventors of Performance Enhancement Products
  8. Authors & Creators of numerous best selling & internationally sold Books, DVD’s and Performance Enhancement Programs

Vertical Jump Expert # 1
Jason C. Brown, Owner of Kettlebell Athletics & Cross Fit Philly

vertical jump expert My good friend and “Hermano”, Jason C. Brown out of Philadelphia unleashes his innovative vertical jump training methods that have helped countless athletes achieve their goals in record time!

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Jason C Brown’s 8 Week Program:
“Kettlebell Training for Maximum Lift-Off

• 2 Secret Kettlebell Exercises That Alone Will Sky Rocket Your Vertical Jump

• Why the Squat is Not King When it comes to Vertical Jumping!

• What Type of Strength You Need To Increase!

• Discover How to Increase Motor Unit Recruitment!

• Static Stretching: Should You or Should You Not?

• Plain and Simple: Jason’s program will uncover his tried and true methods to maximize your vertical in record time!

• Make no mistake these methods have been tested in the trenches and have proven to be highly effective with his clientele and will be for you too!

Vertical Jump Expert # 2: John Izzo
Founder of

vertical leap expertYou won’t find a more complete and health, fitness, & athletic performance web site than this gentlemen’s. And his mission is simple: To collaborate with fitness professionals that have real world experience and knowledge and distinguish themselves from the tens of thousands of other so called fitness professional to bring you REAL info that you can use in the gym, on the court, or in your life! Bravo John!

Here’s What You’ll Discover in John Izzo’s
8 week Program
“How the Foot/Ankle Joint Can Affect the
Vertical Jump

  • Why the ankle needs to be addressed when maximizing vertical jump
  • What to do if your ankle is Hyper-Mobile or Hypo-Mobile  
  • The low cost tools necessary for fixing foot and ankle problems.
  • 8 week program with exercises, exercise descriptions and sets and reps designed for improvement in the foot/ankle complex.
Vertical Jump Expert # 3: Jon Hinds
Founder of The Monkey Bar Gym
Former Strength Coach of the LA Clippers
Inventor of Numerous Performance Enhancement Products used by Professional Athletes all over the World!

jump higher author
Without question Jon Hinds is a true Maverick in the field of Athletic Performance. More importantly is his willingness to share his knowledge with fellow fitness professional like myself and countless others. You are in for a true learning experience from a one of the World’s Best Strength Coaches!

 Here’s What You’ll Discover in Jon Hind’s 8 Week Program:
“Power Jumper Training Program”

  • The 3 Golden Rules of Jump Training
  • Progressions for Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced
  • 2 Simple Bodyweight Floor Exercises every Athlete Must Do
  • Is Horizontal Training Necessary for Jump Training?




Vertical Jump Expert # 4: Dave Schmitz
Director of Performax Performance Training
Founder of
Certified Physical Therapist & Athletic Trainer

jump training program authorFirst Hand I got to see Dave Schmitz in action as he taught over 500 Fitness Professional his innovative and result producing Resistance Band Secrets at the 2006 Ryan Lee Boot Camp. Immediately after his presentation I asked him to contribute to Jump Experts because I knew his information would add tremendous value to this program.

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Dave Schmitz’s
8 Week Program
“Exploding to the Rim” Resistance Band Training “Secrets” to Develop Serious HOPS!!”

• The 3 Key Training Components Necessary of Vertical Jump Training
• The 4 Rules of Functional Jump Training
• Which Muscles Actually Create A Rim Rocking Vertical
• Should Sprinting Be a Part of Jump Training?
• How To Set Up a Band Training Program and What Bands to Use
• The Flex Band Stretching Program For Athletic Performance
• Complete 8 Week Program with Exact Exercises, Sets and Reps

Vertical Jump Expert # 5: Elliot Hulse
Owner of the Institute for Strength & Vitality
Author of “Unleash Your Primal Edge”

  jumping higher expert
There is a lot to say about a Trainer who is certified by the World Famous CHEK Institute in California. The CHEK philosophy has helped many professional athletes and teams maximize their performance including one of the Greatest Teams in NBA History: Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls! Elliot Brings this philosophy to Jump Experts and I guarantee what you learn here will help you the rest of your life!

Here’s What You’ll Discover in Elliot Hulse’s 8 Week Program:
“Get The Hell Up! How to Crash The Boards, Grab More Rebounds, More Interceptions & Simply Dominate Your Opponent With Massive Ups…
In 60 Days or Less!”

  • How To Find What Food Program Suits Your Genetic Make-upWhat Food To
  • How to Free Your Body of Tightness & Immobility
  • Hunted or Hunter Hormonal Assessment. For Serious Hops You Want to Get Your Body in the Hunter Zone!
  • The Ups Report to Chart Your Progress
  • The 6 Key Primal Element of Performance
  • 60 Day Step by Step Training Program
  • 10 Key Tips for Running Faster & Jumping Higher

    Vertical Jump Expert # 6: Virgil Aponte
    Former WNBA New York Liberty’s Strength Coach
    Creator of The Ultimate Stair Exercises for Athletes DVD & Book

    Well, what more can I say except that I’ve been in the trenches for over 10 years helping hundreds of athletes maximize their performance.

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Virgil Aponte’s Special Report:
    Ultimate Stair Exercsies for Power Development: The Simple, Efficient and Effective way to
    Add Inches to Your Vertical

    increase vertical jump expert • The Stair Exercises of Choice Used By NBA Pros For A Killer Vertical
    • Jump Techniques to Maximize Your Vertical
    • How Ofter to Include Power Training
    • Which Exercises to Maximize Your Time on The Stairs
    • Which Equipment Compliment Stairs Best 


    Vertical Jump Expert # 7: Steve Cotter
    Owner of Full Kontact Kettlebells
    Strength & Conditioning Consultant to The
    San Francisco 49ers, the San Diego Chargers & the United States Marines

    improve vertical jump authorI’ve had many opportunities to learn from Steve via seminars, email, and even having him present to my coaching staff at Grand Street High School in Brooklyn New York. Plain and Simple! You must listen to what this Strength & Conditioning Consultant to the San Francisco 49er’s, the San Diego Chargers, The US Marines and many more has to say.

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Steve Cotter’s 45 Minute Audio Interview:
    Steve’s Time Tested Vertical Jump Methods

    • What are the Best Exercises For Maximizing Your Vertical jump
    • Why you Should Include Running in Your Vertical Jump Program
    • Which Plyometric Exercises Give You the Most Bang for Your Buc
    • How Relevant is Upper Body for Jumping
    • 2 Reasons Why Kettlebells are a Must Have When it comes to Jumping
    • 1 Big Reason Why Athletes will never Maximize their Vertical Jump and a 1 second solution to change this
    • The Stretch Factor and What Type of Flexibility Program to Follow

    Vertical Jump Expert # 8: Jimmy Smith
    Founder of

    vertical jump workouts expert I was referred to Jimmy Smith by by World famous San Diego Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Expert, Dave Depew. He explained that Jimmy had the amazing ability to take the science of training and teach it to anyone. And Dave was absolutely right. After only 2 minutes on the phone with Jimmy I knew he was a perfect fit for Jump Experts!

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Jimmy Smith’s Special Report & Audio: Interview “Movement and Strength Prep for a Dangerous Vertical Jump”

    • One Exercise Most People Skip and Why You Shouldn’t
    • Should You Deadlift or Should You Squat?
    • Which Muscles to Stretch Prior to Jump Training
    • The Number 1 Upper Body Exercise for Vertical Jump
    • One Simple Floor Bodyweight Exercise That Will Maximize Your Vertical


    Vertical Jump Expert # 9: Lee Taft

    Founder of Lee Taft Speed Academy
    Creator & Author Numerous Performance Enhancement Products
    Vice President of the International Youth Conditioning Association

    vertical jump exercises author
    I’ve had the honor and privilege to learn first hand from Lee at 3 seminars and was blown away by his ability to break things down and teach his methods. Ultimately we need to learn these Jump Training techniques to that we can consistently apply them in our training. Lee shines as a teacher and you will learn exactly what is needed when it comes to Vertical Jump Performance.

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Lee Taft’s 30 Minute Audio Interview:
    Lee’s Time Tested Vertical Jump Methods

    • What Type of Training is Best to Maximize Vertical Jump
    • What are the Best Exercises for Improving Vertical Jump
    • How Often Should One Train to Improve Vertical Jump
    • The Proper Strength to Weight Ratio to Maximize Your Vertical
    • Methods to Master Your Actual Jump Technique
    • What Safety Precautions to take in Your Training



    Vertical Jump Expert # 10: Burke Spencer
    CEO, Burke Spencer, USA
    Strength & Conditioning Consultant to St. Johns University Men’s Basketball Team, US Women’s Soccer Team, St. Anthony’s HS Basketball Team & Countless Professional Athletes World Wide!
    Inventor of the Burke Spence Sports Trainer used by Professional Athletes all over the World!

    vertical leap workout expertAgain, like many of these All-Star Jump Experts I’ve had the privilege of learning from Burke First Hand as he implemented his Basketball Strength & Conditioning Program for my High School Girls Basketball Team: The Grand Street Campus Lady Wolves! Get ready to join the countless athletes world wide that have benefited from Burke’s Knowledge and Expertise!

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Burke Spencer’s 30 Minute Audio Interview:
    Burke’s Time Tested Vertical Jump Methods

    • Increasing Your Vertical During Basketball Practice
    • The Key Factor in Vertical Jump Training
    • Why You Can Become Division I Talent


    Vertical Jump Expert # 11: Gray Cook
    Creator of the Functional Movement Screen
    Author of Athletic Body in Balance
    Reebok Master Trainer
    Consultant to NFL, NBA, NHL & WNBA

    vertical leap exercise authorAgain here’s a gentlemen I got to learn from first hand via the Perform Better Seminars. After learning from this World Renowned Coach I Immediately asked him to contribute to Jump Experts because besides knowing how to Maximize Performance Gray is also a Master of Injury Prevention!

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Gray Cook’s 30 Minute Audio Interview:
    Gray’s Time Tested Vertical Jump Methods

    • How to Increase Your Vertical in 20 minutes!
    • What Research Suggest for Maximizing Your Vertical
    • Simple Equipment to Max Your Vertical Jump
    • A Simple Method to Prevent Injuries



    Vertical Jump Expert # 12: Dr. Rudy Gehrman

    Owner of the Heights Chiropractors & Rehab in Brooklyn, New York

    I just had to include Dr. Rudy because the man knows athletes. And I know first hand because I’m a patient of his and have benefited from his healing abilities. More importantly is that he is an athlete who plays hockey, ski’s and stays in top shape. We can all use the expertise a doctor brings but when you have one that actually is an athlete you’ll get the best information possible.

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Dr. Rudy’s 30 Minute Audio Interview:

    • The Most Common Injuries and How to Prevent Them
    • The First Place to Look to Improve Performance & Prevent Injuries
    • Which Shoes to Wear
    • How to Prevent Overtraining


    Vertical Jump Expert # 13: Brett Jones
    Co-Author of Kettle Bell Basics & Secrets of DVD Series

     how to jump higher expert

    I was referred to Brett Jones by Strength & Conditioning expert and Kettle Bell Guru Pavel Psatsouline. And I can’t thank Pavel enough. It’s not everyday you get to learn from a gentlemen that can dead lift 545 pounds and Squat nearly 500 pounds. I got the chance to grill Brett on the phone for nearly an hour and what he taught me had me trying exercises as I spoke to him on the phone! It was that valuable and I could not get wait to implement theses vertical jump training ideas!

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Brett Jones Special Report:
    “Targeted Vertical Leap “Programming”

    • The Simple & Sometimes Forgotten Best Exercise to Maximize Your Vertical
    • Should You Even Be Doing Plyometrics
    • The Core Exercise of Choice to Maximize Your Vertical
    • How to Alleviate Glute Amnesia
    • How A Simple Ballet Exercise Can Help Your Vertical
    • Why the Hip Flexor shuts down Your Vertical & How to Fix It!
    • The Most Common Injuries and How to Prevent Them
    • And much more…


    Vertical Jump Expert # 14: Mike Robertson

    Coach of hte 2004 USA World Bench Press Team

    I was actually turned on to the teachings of Mike Robertson through his many informative articles on T-Nation and his work with Strength & Conditioning Expert, Eric Cressey. I learned so much going through Mike's web site and reading his T-Nation articles that I just jad to ask him to contribute to Jump Experts. Mike is a Master at his craft and a gentlemen who has totaled over 1400 pounds at power lifting meets!

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Mike Robertson’s Special Report:vertical leap workout expert

    Mobility Training for an ELITE Vertical Jump

    • Which is more important: Flexibility or Mobility
    • 6 Warm-Up Mobility Drills that Every Athlete Should Know
    • The One Muscle Most Athletes Must Stretch to Maximize Their Vertical!



    Vertical Jump Expert # 15: Dave Depew

    World Renowned Personal Trainer
    Licensed Sports Nutritionist
    Radio Show Host of the Dave Depew Fitness & Nutrition Hour

    improve vertical jump authorIt is hard to find a more successful fitness professional than Dave Depew. I was actually invited to speak on Dave’s Radio Show about stair training and discovered the many accomplishements of this world class expert. More importantly for Jump Experts was his expertise in  nutrition and supplementation. Any trainer worth his weight knows the value of optimal nutrition to maximize their performance and that is why I’m honored to have Dave share his expertise for Jump Experts.

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Dave Depew's Special Report:
    The High Jump Diet! Drop Fat and Fly High!


    • Keys to Dropping Body Fat
    • How to Prepare for Maximal Fat Loss
    • Ideal Muscle to Fat Ratio
    • How to Test Your Body Fat
    • Sample Diet Ideas


    Update #1: Vertical Jump Expert # 16: Kelly Bagget

    Kelly Bagget: Author of "The Vertical Jump Bible"
    Founder of

    improve vertical jump authorIf you've been researching the internet on vertical jump training then you must know Kelly Bagget. His vertical jump training info is all over the place. I have his Vertical Jump Bible and it's the most complete vertical jump program I've gone through. I actually contacted Kelly to get a program from him but I was not able to get one. Of course I could not stop there and he agreed to an audio for Jump Experts!

    Here’s What You’ll Discover in Kelly Baggget's Audio Interview:

    • The top exercises for maximizing your vertical
    • What is the minimum amount of strength needed
    • The top exercise for maximizing your vertical
    • Tips to help improve your vertical RIGHT AWAY!
    • What sports can we really look to for vertical jump mastery: Hint: It's not basketball!

    Update #2: Vertical Jump Exert #17: Mike Mahon

    Founder, High Octane Fitness

    improve vertical jump authorIt's funny because I usually contact the best vertical jump experts myself. In this instance Mike actually contacted me with these tips and they were excellent!

    How to Tap Into the Mental Side of The Vertical Jump:

    - How to combine your thoughts with your exercise for maximal results
    - Simple tips to maximize your exercise performance you've never seen
    - Mike's Proven 5-Step Checklist for Maximum Vertical Speed


    Update #3: Vertical Jump Exert #18: Luke Lowery

    Creator & Author of the World Famous Vertical Project
    Founder of

    Vertical Leap ExpertIf you've been researching the internet on vertical jump training then you have to know Luke Lowery. Take a quick look at any vertical jump review site and The Vertical Project is consistently number 1 even at a much higher price tag than most programs. In fact the very minute I decided to create Jump Experts I contacted Luke for a program and audio interview but he respectfully declined. As with Kelly Bagget I could not stop there so after Jump Experts was released I again tried to get a contribution from Luke and he finally agreed! Best of all is that Luke contributed an amazing 26 page free report! If you are serious about maximizing your vertical jump then this is a must have.


    Here's what you'll discover in Luke's 26 Page Bonus Report:

    "The Single Most Effective Exercise Devised for Increasing Single-Leg Athletic Power Output"

    - The Top Misconceptions in Generating Maximal Athletic Power
    - Should you perform single leg work of double leg work?
    - What type of training is superior for all sports
    - Luke's secret weapon exercise that most trainers simply overlook or don't even know about
    - How to perform this exercise properly and its variations
    - Why other vertical jump exercises simply can not compare


    But Wait! Of Course I Could Not Just Stop Here…
    Next Are Bonuses that Alone Are Worth The Price of Jump Experts!

    After getting so many great programs from the Jump Experts I just could not stop there. I mean why would I want to stop with just a program when I had the chance to also interview them for even more content on vertical jump training!

    Bonus 1: Jason C. Brown Audio Interrogation:
    (Value: $27.00) Besides Jason’s 8 Week Program I Spent 30 minutes on the phone with him grilling him on vertical jump training and kettlebell training.

    Bonus 2: Elliot Hulse Audio Interrogation:
    (Value: $27.00) Beside’s Elliot’s 60 Day Program I spent 40 minutes on the phone with him grilling him on vertical jump training and his unique methods of assessments.

    Bonus 3: Dave Schmitz Audio Interrogation:
    (Value: $27.00) Besides Dave’s 8 Week Program I spent 45 minutes on the phone with him grilling him on vertical jump training and flex band training.

    Bonus 4: Brett Jones Audio Interrogation:
    (Value: $27.00) Besides Brett’s Special Report I spent 50 minutes on the phone with him grilling him vertical jump training.

    Bonus 5: Mike Robertson Audio Interrogation:
    (Value: $27.00) Besides Mike’s Special Report I spent 25 minutes on the phone with him grilling him on vertical jump training and mobility training.

    Bonus 6: Jon Hinds Power Jumper Interview:
    (Value: $27.00) Besides Jon’s 8 Week Program you’ll get access to Jon’s Interview as he’s grilled on his power jumper program.

    Bonus 7: Dave Schmitz’s Stretching Your Athleticism & Flex Bands For Basketball
    Speed E-book.
    (Value: $27.00)

    Bonus 8: Lee Taft’s Body Weight Training E-book
    (Value: $27.00)

    Bonus 9: Ryan Lee’s Smoothies For Athletes E-book
    (Value: $97.00)

    Bonus 10: Virgil Aponte’s Ultimate Stair Exercises For Athletes E-book
    (Value: $37.00)

    The Super Bonus!
    Free Updates to Jump Experts
    (Value: at least $197.00)

    As I said earlier I’m in constant contact with the world’s elite strength coaches, trainers, therapists & doctors. Because of this I will continue to update Jump Experts every chance I get. So every time I get a new program, audio interview or special report it’s yours absolutely free! And It's easy as 1,2,3- I will simply contact you through my private customers-only email list and send you instant download instructions so you can stay totally up to date on the latest Jump Experts breakthroughs.



    So, How Much For All This Content?
    Well, Let’s Add It Up:

    Burke Spencer’s Audio Interrogation: $27
    Brett Jones’s Audio Interrogation: $27
    Brett Jones’s Special Report: $27
    Dave Depew's Special Report: $27
    Dave Schmitz 8 Week Vertical Jump Program: $47
    Dave Schmitz Bonus Audio Interrogation: $27
    Dave Schmitz Stretching Your Athleticism E-book: $27
    Dave Schmitz Flex Band For Basketball Speed E-book: $27
    Dr. Rudy Gehrman’s Audio Interrogation: $27
    Elliot Hulse’s 8 Week Jump Program: $47
    Elliot Hulse’s Bonus Audio Interrogation: $27
    Gray Cooks Audio Interrogation: $27
    Jason C Brown’s 8 Week Jump Program: $47
    Jason C Brown’s Bonus Audio Interrogation: $27
    Jimmy Smith’s Special Report: $27
    Jimmy Smith’s Audio Interrogation: $27
    John Izzo’s 8 Week Program: $47
    Jon Hind’s 8 Week Jump Program: $47
    Jon Hind’s Bonus Interview: $27
    Mike Robertson’s Special Report: $27
    Mike Robertson Audio Interrogation: $27
    Virgil Aponte’s Special Report: $27
    Virgil Aponte’s Ultimate Stair Exercises: $37
    Steve Cotter’s Audio Interrogation: $27
    Lee Taft’s Audio Interrogation: $27
    Lee Taft’s Body Weight Strength Training: $27
    Ryan Lee’s Smoothies For Athletes Ebook: $97

    Total Value = $823!


    Limited Time Special Offer!

    The total for all this content if you purchased it separately would easily sell for hundreds of dollars. As you can easily see adding these programs up came to well over $800! And the truth is that it would actually be worth every penny because you are learning from world class experts in the field of sports performance. On top of that you are getting exclusive information from these experts who can charge upwards of 200 dollars an hour for training and consulting.

    At the very least you are getting thousands of dollars worth of powerful vertical jump enhancement information right at your finger tips!

    My colleagues actually think I should charge at least $197 dollars for this program and it would be well worth the price considering it’s easily over an $800 dollar value. But I just won’t because I want to give people access to this valuable program and make it recognized as the premier jump enhancement program ever created.

    Even Better is That You Won’t Even
    Pay $70.00 Dollars for This Program

    Buy Today For Only $9.95

    Purchase Online
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    Click Here NOW to download your copy!
    Order Anytime! 24 Hours a Day 

    For The Most Comprehensive Vertical Jump Enhancement Resource Ever Created!
    But Don’t Wait Because this Offer is Only for The First 50 Orders.

    How can I give it away so inexpensively?

    By offering Jump Experts as a downloadable e-book and audio collection the cost of shipping and printing are simply cut out and you benefit from these savings.

    Even better is that once you order you can be reading and listening to all these programs just moments after you place your order!

    More importantly is to give you access to the valuable training secrets of all these Top Jump Experts! They all want you to benefit from their training information so that you will trust them, continue to buy their products and refer other trainers, coaches and athletes to their information.

    But remember one important thing. This special offer is only guaranteed to the first 50 people to order this ground breaking program. And with the large number of orders pouring in so far, I cannot promise how long this special offer will last.


    Try It Risk Free for 8 Weeks!

    I guarantee this is the most comprehensive jump enhancement package ever created.
    If after 8 Weeks you are not absolutely thrilled with this program – for any reason at all – I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

    You’re Only Moments Away from The
    Premier Jump Enhancement Program!

    Remember, this is a collection of DOWNLOADABLE E-BOOKS in PDF FORMAT & MP3 Audio Files. There is no physical product sent. You’ll be able to access all the programs just moments after you place your order!

    Your Order is Secure and fully guaranteed by clickbank

    Purchase Online
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    So, are you ready to Maximize Your Vertical Jump and get the attention and respect from your teammates, coaches and opponents? If you are then simply click here to get Jump Experts!

    Virgil Aponte “The Stair Exercise Guru”
    Creator of the Ultimate Stair Exercises

    P.S. All together, you’ll get an amazing collection of proven vertical jump enhancement programs to learn from worth well over $800 for just $9.95 dollars and unlimited updates!

    P.S. Important Notice: This is a limited time special offer. My colleagues already think I’m nuts for offering Jump Experts at this price. With that in mind I can only guarantee this low price and the free updates for the next 50 orders!  
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